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Your Hair Concern

Devoted to healthy hair and scalp while improving quality of life through dermatological expertise.


Thinning Hair

Understanding the different types and causes of thinning hair is imperative to achieving stronger, healthier hair. Ducray offers clinically proven, drug-free solutions for every stage of thinning hair.


Aging Hair

Bring life and vigor back to your hair. Ducray offers solutions that target specific concerns to replenish dull, brittle, dry and damaged hair while reversing signs of hair aging.


Flaky Scalp

Soothing an itchy, dry and flaky scalp is made simple with Ducray's innovative formulas. Discover clinically-proven products that target scalp prone to psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

  • 85 Years of Innovation
  • 17 In-House Dermatologists
  • 2 Bacteriology Experts
  • 11 Patents Registered for Use

Our innovation is a perfect reflection of our scientific precision

Healthier hair and scalp backed by clinically-shown scientific innovation. Aligning extensive research with medical-grade ingredients and innovative formulation, Ducray offers effective solutions that target the source.

A French Story...

Ducray's story is marked by nearly 90 years of cutting-edge innovation. The story starts in 1930 with one bold visionary: Albert Ducray. The son of a dermatologist, Ducray noticed the damaging and dulling effects of traditional shampoo's alkaline properties on clients in his salon. Armed with determination and scientific research, he formulated the first line of shampoos that targeted specific dermatological concerns. Nearly a century later, Ducray continues to provide lasting haircare solutions backed by scientific innovation and clinical research.